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When I was younger, I would record Letterman every night. I would then fast forward on the good old VCR and get to the end of the show where the music was. Eventually I would end up watching some of the episodes and growing into his quirky humor. But Letterman always had some great music. Nowadays, the PVR is set to record my fav bands on all the late night shows.

It seems that Ryan Adams and David Letterman have had this special connection for awhile. Ryan has performed on the show numerous times and has done some special webcasts after the show. This week, Ryan Adams performed a 70 minute webcast for the show. The set covers his entire career, from Whiskeytown to Ashes and Fire. The opener “Oh my Sweet Carolina” is nearly as pretty as the version I posted last week, just lacking Laura’s harmony. But the overall set is quite stellar and is a must see for any Ryan Adams fan.

Watch the entire set through the link below.

UPDATE: It seems the link has expired: so here is a link to the first song, click related to watch the other performances individually.

We have been attending several festivals the last few years, and we love the experience and the music and the discovery. One of the festivals that we really want to get to is the Doe Bay Festival. Unfortunately this year we had a contractual obligation to be somewhere else, and their tickets sold out in 3 minutes. Their lineup this had a few newer established bands, and a lot of up and coming bands. One of these bands is the fantastic Pickwick. From their , Pickwick is a band to see live. They exude a modern soul vibe that just makes you want to dance and wave your hands in the air. They incite raucous dance parties onstage, and they encourage their concert going fans to bring their own shakers and tambourines.

Check out the Live from the Basement videos (By the great Sound on the Sound) below and then head over to their bandcamp (I love Bandcamp) page and buy some stuff. I did.


As mentioned last year, my wife and I attended Iceland Airwaves in October as part of our honeymoon in Iceland. It is a fantastic festival that awards the opportunity to see loads of great bands and make lots of musical discoveries.

It all started with a little rain and line up. We were in line to go see someone at the main venue. And then it started to rain. Rather than stand in line in the rain for half an hour we decided we would go grab a pint of the delicious brew Viking across the street at the pub. We walk in and there are about 20 people conversing in the lovely local language we don’t speak. We grab a Viking, and then this group of “Kids” take the stage. We move up closer to the stage and 40 minutes later we leave with giant grins on our faces. This band was amazing. They are often compared to Sigur Ros for obvious reasons, but they are not a mere copy. This is Icelandic Post-Rock with purpose. It is sweeping and powerful. It is driving and melodic. It is commanding and beautiful.

Following the show, we get back in line abuzz with what just happened. Right behind us are some other Canadians that are talking about them as well. They had seen them earlier in the festival and had to go see them again. We get back home to Canada to find out they have nothing to buy or listen to. Eventually they release a few tracks on their site to download and listen to, and they are great. But not enough.

This week their debut album Ólgusjór was released on iTunes. A lot of bands recordings can’t live up their live experience, and the opposite is true of many. Ólgusjór is a magnificent album. The only thing it lacks is the sight of these youngsters and their giant smiles as they play along. This is music made by people who love music.

Below is a sample of the album in the form of the track Í Draumi. A piano based number that is driven but the repeating drums and then escalated by those awesome horns and accented by strings. The rest of the album is as good or better, so head over to iTunes and buy the album to support this talented young group from Iceland.


Today Pitchfork Best New Music’d a new track from the Fantastic new Cass McCombs album “Wit’s End”. And as much as I enjoy that track, I can’t stop listening to the opener “County Line”. As with nearly all of Cass’ recordings, Wit’s End is a casual throwback feeling album that rarely picks up the pace. But it is full of melody, insight, and texture. To me “County Line” feels like a journey. Almost as though he is taking a familiar route that he would take to a former lover and he is forced to remember the failures of the relationship with the fortune of hindsight. But that’s just what I get. And when he gets to that sad falsetto that just pours out the pain, wow.

There is a dark and moody NSFW video for the track that interprets it completely differently, but works just as well. Take a watch and a listen and get sad. It’s over at V Magazine. It appears I can’t embed it.

And here is my fav track off his last album. Not nearly as sad.

- Shaun

In the same vein as my last post, this one is about Icelandic music and Sound Cloud. The Iceland Music Export has released a compilation to promote new Icelandic music entitled “Made in Iceland 4″. This collection is a fantastic sampling of music that is a varied as the small country is. And any compilation that opens with “Of Monsters and Men” and close with “Lockerbie” to me is a winner. The opening track is reminiscent of the trends that we are seeing out here in North America with the roots and folk revival and it reminds me a lot of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.

I am really feeling terrible today, so I am gonna throw this on and take a nap. Take a listen below and as always let us know what you think.


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